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  • Holiday sets and the season - makeup wize

  • So here at the beginning of November, the marvelous season of discounts and holiday sets is upon us! So rejoice and try to ignore your wallet while is cries in a corner silently :P So first things first, I dont know any specifics right now, but end of this month will be black Friday, trough the w [...]
  • But why? -Brushes

  • Oke for this new series I will try to explain why certain things work, or don't. and why you should consider investing, or not.  So come with me on a fantastical journey trough some utensils and products in the makeup industry. The first is; Brushes! Let's get the main utensil out of the way rig [...]
  • First look: Anastasia brow pro palette

  • I have been eyeballing this beauty since it was first announced by Anastasia Beverly Hills, the pro brow palette, it sounded like heaven! I always have had issues with perfectly color matching every eyebrow I come into contact with, and honestly that always bothered me, because I had to take tim [...]
  • Things you are better off knowing: Lipstick

  • The ever going struggle of wearing bright lipstick. Trying to get it to stay on your lips and off of everything else. So i have made a little list of tips to make you ace that Christmas red lip with flair! Here a quick tip list in Do's and Don'ts. Do moisturize and exfoliate before you start [...]
  • BTS - Gothic forest fun

  • Today i'm taking you behind the scenes of a recent shoot with awesome photographer Darkasher, talented designer Marjolein from Somnia Romantica and talented models Lady A and Kari Autumn. I was (as per usual :P ) responsible for hair and makeup. we started at Lilith's (Darkasher) house for hair and [...]
  • New Passion

  • So, I have a new thing, If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen it, and a little here with my first look posts. I have a new passion about product photography. I wanted the best photos for my blog and my feed, so I went out and created! Now I did cheat a bit, My husband is a hob [...]
  • Matchy matchy darlin'

  • I come to you with a message of liberation! Because there seems to be this common believe that there are so many rules on what needs to match what, and bla bla bla. Just like that ridiculous rule that you can’t wear dark lips with dark eyes. So here’s the deal, non of that is actually true, make [...]
  • BTS - Corsets and pearls

  • Today a little behind the scenes of a shoot we did a bit ago. Together with photographic genius Josefien Hoekstra and Corset maker extraordinaire Sannie van der Horst from Skeletons in the Closet Clothing and Corsetry, we made it our mission to glamify the beautiful Bunny Glittergun! I was es [...]
Q&MUA - Different approaches to different projects
  • First look - Jeffree star Beautykiller Palette

  • My first order from Jeffree Star Cosmetics! I am so exited, I could hardly contain myself from swatching it immediately when it came out the box! But because of I love you, my readers, I stuck it out until I had good photos to show you, before I got my grubby mitts all up on in there. So here we [...]
  • What's my makeup routine?

  • Disclaimer: I rarely wear makeup every day! I wear makeup when I work, and when I feel like it, but oh honey, I could not be bothered to wear makeup when I’m working at home or have to go to the shops. Next to that leaving you skin some room to breathe really does help. Like I said before, I have a [...]
  • BTS - Prints Shoot

  • Another day, another shoot. Today I take you on a little peek into a new project we have been working on, for a publication in  Le Fil Dor. As you might have grown accustomed to by now the Photographer for this project is the amazing Josefien Hoekstra and our stylist was the always happy and fun Liz [...]
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