BTS – Gothic forest fun

Today i’m taking you behind the scenes of a recent shoot with awesome photographer Darkasher, talented designer Marjolein from Somnia Romantica and talented models Lady A and Kari Autumn. I was (as per usual 😛 ) responsible for hair and makeup. we started at Lilith’s (Darkasher) house for hair and makeup prep, and since we’re hyperactive girls we talk bunches and laughed our asses of while doing so. The first plan was to go to the forest, but once we got on the road and on the station, we became aware of the fact that the bus we needed drove once every hour and had just left as we arrived! So we detoured to a lovely little park in Leiden.


Last styling adjustments where made, lips where painted and off we went. It was a really pretty park, with little waterways and bridges and this gorgeous little fountain.




a spider... Our brave stylist protected the models with valor!


As you can see,  you had so much fun! and had a bite to eat afterwards, an overal wonderfull day…. and then that magical moment that you get the pictures <3


I love working with talented people okay! because you just get the most amazing art! made by people who love what they do. and that makes everything worth it!

Untill next time,

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