BTS – Corsets and pearls

Today a little behind the scenes of a shoot we did a bit ago. Together with photographic genius Josefien Hoekstra and Corset maker extraordinaire Sannie van der Horst from Skeletons in the Closet Clothing and Corsetry, we made it our mission to glamify the beautiful Bunny Glittergun!


The team, from left to right, Assistant: Carmel Louise, Designer: Sannie van der Horst, Model: Bunny Glittergun, Photographer: Josefien Hoekstra and me ^^

I was especially excited about this shoot, because it was the first time I got to shoot with handmade jewelry, which I took a long time making, I have plans to make more, but this was the first time and all. I made the choker and the shoulder piece. Here’s a picture on my mannequin at home:


Very unfinished but all ready quite a statement maker!
These girls are a pure delight to work with, everything went quick and with a big smile! I love shoots like these, they make my creative juices flow!

We did two sets, a dark one and a light one, both with the incredible corsets from Sannie’s hand. Both are see trough, and very delicately made, true pieces of art if you tell me, but I am a very big fan of her work, if you want to check her out, Here is the link to her site!


The Light Set


The Dark Set

I love these girls!

I love these girls!

And then, after such a lovely day, I get these photos! man, working with a good team pays off once again! 😀



How could I not be totally over the moon with these right?! So this concludes Our little look behind closed doors, I hope you liked. I really do, So here’s a question, what would you like me to eplain in these little peaks? or is this totally fine? lemme know!



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