BTS – Prints Shoot

Another day, another shoot. Today I take you on a little peek into a new project we have been working on, for a publication in  Le Fil Dor. As you might have grown accustomed to by now the Photographer for this project is the amazing Josefien Hoekstra and our stylist was the always happy and fun Liz Scarlet. Our model for today was Renske Klok. And I was head master of le paints and le hairs.

We did have a moodboard for this shoot:


But in the end ( as usual) we created something that only had this as inspiration and not end result. hahaha

We all met up in the amazing new studio of Josefien and her boyfriend Marco, which they just acquired a week ago, So we had to test out the new space!  It is a beautiful new location. A large office building that was now up for grabs, with large windows and big open spaces.  gorgeous place overall, I can tell you, they are both over the moon with it!

As liz opened up her suitcase and showed us the content, we realised she managed to get EVERY print ever into one case and wondered how the “clownesk” prints would translate into a cohesive and fashion like story.

So here’s a couple of shots of the master team at work!


Liz fixing some last minute things on an outfit


Josefien in her natural habitat, clicking away


Renske Modeling her damn ass off!

This was one of those, think of it, fix it, shoot it speed shoots of ours, which are always a lot of fun ^^ I have already seen some of the results and I seriously can not wait to show you! there are absolutely gorgeous! So keep an eye on my Facebook page for the results!

Until the next one!

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