But why? -Brushes

Oke for this new series I will try to explain why certain things work, or don’t. and why you should consider investing, or not.  So come with me on a fantastical journey trough some utensils and products in the makeup industry.

The first is; Brushes!
Let’s get the main utensil out of the way right off the bat, shall we?


So, Brushes, that slightly to deliriously expensive alternative to your fingers… Is it worth it?
– I really think so, at least for a couple of jobs on the face. First off, overall powder. There is really nothing that applies powder as nicely and evenly as a good brush. personally, even when i use a powder puff, I beat off the excess with a brush. So yeah… Next up is powder blush, highlighter and contour. With a brush you can make you application light handed quite easily, which makes it a perfect beginner tool. lastly powder eyeshadows. I love a good blend, and all though this is achievable with fingers and practice, but so much easier and less time consuming with a brush! plus you will get a much neater blend. With brushes you enhance your overall control of your products, which is just always a pro, i’d say.

When we talk about foundation and cream products, you can (and quite a few people do) argue that working with your hands warms up the product, and your fingers help work the product into the skin. I do agree with this up to an extent. I warm up mu pro foundations on my hand, so I know that is a working tactic, but I personally use a beautyblender for most of my cream products. just because it gives a prettier finish on the skin. I used brushes for very long, but my personal preference is the blender. But that basicly only has to to with time, i can get similar results with both, the blender is just faster, which in my profession is kinda important. Lastly is the question of hygiene, using a utensil is a little more hygienic, but mostly if you work on others. If you just wash your hands and dont let other use your stuff your should be just fine.


– I am talking about the horrid little foam stubby things, I swear to god, use your fingers, nobodies application ever got better from those things! oke now onto, cheap (read: those kiddo things) brushes. because you can get pretty decent brushes for a real decent price. Because, yes I will always recommend certain brands. but for a beginner (set) there are loads of good choices. So get yourself a cheap set, figure out which brush styles work for you and invest in better brushes in those styles. Have the best quality brushes you can, because it will totally be worth the investment! and then you don’t have to fork over a lot for a complete set because you all ready know your styles. The debate about synthetic vs. real is one for the 5000 other blog posts on the internet. good rule of thumb is, Synthetic is great for cream and good at powders, real is AMAZING with powder and absolute crap with creams, as natural hair absorbs liquids, so you only get half your product, the other half gets eaten by the bristles.  pay mind to the ferrule when shopping for good quality brushes, make sure they are crimped, because only glued on ferrules are weaker and will fall apart easier.

If your brush is soft and not scratchy on the skin and handles well, your as good as golden.

For more info on individual brush shapes and other handy info, Here is the what’s what: Brush guide – how to use and why

So thats the nitty gritty about brushes. I hope this helps you in making a more informed decision when you go to shop for brushes!



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