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  • New Passion

  • So, I have a new thing, If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen it, and a little here with my first look posts. I have a new passion about product photography. I wanted the best photos for my blog and my feed, so I went out and created! Now I did cheat a bit, My husband is a hob [...]
  • What's my makeup routine?

  • Disclaimer: I rarely wear makeup every day! I wear makeup when I work, and when I feel like it, but oh honey, I could not be bothered to wear makeup when I’m working at home or have to go to the shops. Next to that leaving you skin some room to breathe really does help. Like I said before, I have a [...]
  • TMI Tag

  • I thought I'd have a little tag moment on the blog ;) its a youtuber tag that I have seen from a lot of people, but I got the question and deeds from Leesha from Xsparkage. who I love and have followed for years now.  So I will now tell much information hahaha! lets begin, shall we? It's li [...]
  • What's in my Makeup bag?

  • Since I did a "what's in my bag" post and this is a mostly makeup related blog, I thought I'd do a what's in my makeup bag too. Mind you there are my most used products in there, but also things I used in the last week or so and I was to lazy to put back in their proper place.  This is basically als [...]
  • A view into my career..

  • Because it was never published I thought It good fun to post the interview I gave for the makeup awards here, there are some fun questions. So here we go: 1. Was makeup artist always your dream job? Could you tell us a bit about why you chose this profession? To be god honest, until I was [...]
  • 15 things you didn’t know about me

  • So, the girl behind the blog and the art. As I am working on my "about me" piece, I got so stuck! Writing fun stuff is no problem, but writing a bit about myself seems to be a rather tall order. I don’t seem to get past the, yeah this is my name, this is my age, this is what I do…. And I like what I [...]
What's in my bag
  • What's in my bag

  • I always enjoy what's in my bag posts and vids, so i thought I'd jump on the band wagon here. Because, Let's be honest I lug around a luggage trunk... in a handbag form, but still I can fit like 4 wine bottles in the thing, i did once when meeting a group of friends. The thing is actually kinda ridi [...]
  • Makeup Awards

  • So now that the word is out, time for me to tell you how I got here. I AM A FINALIST FOR THE MAKEUP AWARDS!!! OMG!!! *runs around in a circle*. Okay, I just had to get that out. Pffff. I am still kinda freaking out here, because I really didn't think i would even get this far. Let me begin at th [...]
Paris, Birthday and general running around
  • Paris, Birthday and general running around

  • More of a talky/update-y/ my life bog today. For a change, I realize I don’t so these very often, but then again I don’t find my life that interesting usually. The last week and a half where absolutely heart racingly wicked and beautiful though, so I thought I’d take you with me so to say. In beginn [...]
  • 2016 Compliment Challenge

  • I started about this on my Facebook and after some deliberation I decided to start the 2016 compliment challenge! This is the piece I wrote on my fb: You know? it saddens me to see that everyone seems to think they are not enough! Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not successful enough. I know [...]
New years resolutions not to make
  • New years resolutions not to make

  • Okay, New Year’s resolutions are wonderful! Have you already started jotting down your list? Resolutions are very handy, and can be a good measuring tool for your “status” during the year, but if you make the wrong ones, it will set you up for heaps of disappointment and hardship. So let’s look at s [...]
meet me, a small introduction
  • meet me, a small introduction

  • Okay, So blogging... Before we get to the introduction, I remember way back in the day, I tried to start a dairy, and i'd do so well for a week, maybe even a month and then? I'd just stop, forget about it and find the abandoned poor book a year later somewhere in my room. This has been my main hi [...]
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