First look: Anastasia brow pro palette


I have been eyeballing this beauty since it was first announced by Anastasia Beverly Hills, the pro brow palette, it sounded like heaven! I always have had issues with perfectly color matching every eyebrow I come into contact with, and honestly that always bothered me, because I had to take time to mix and match powders and gels and creams, which cut into my time with a client. So I always had a bit of a pet peef over the offer of brands in the brow department. But then, Anastasia came along, with a message to change the brow game and that they did!


This palette was really designed for people like me, that work in makeup. With it’s 22 colors you get a really wide range of colors, and because they are powders you can blend to make your options virtually endless. next to the powders you get one pan of the Anastasia brow primer, witch it basically a wax to set the hairs in place. The other lovely feat about this palette is that all the pans can be taken out individually, which not only makes it super easy to depot them, if you so choose, but, it’s also possible to replace a dying shade in an otherwise perfect palette. Because we all have that one shade (also in foundation) that goes 50 times faster then everything else :’).

oke, this inside of the palette, are you sitting down? deep breaths now!


I know for the consumer eye this must be awesome, but I dont think that i can properly get across what this means for my MUA brain! This makes my little heart go pitter patter! I got mine from a great site in The Netherlands called Great Beauty Bar. lovely site, quick service and a good range of products. ( no I was not sponsored 😉 bought it all by my self).

I made no swatches because im not going to muddle around in a palette for my kit, that does not seem right 😉

Do you love stuff like this? or do you get excited about brighter colors? let me know in the comments!



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