First look – Jeffree star Beautykiller Palette


My first order from Jeffree Star Cosmetics! I am so exited, I could hardly contain myself from swatching it immediately when it came out the box! But because of I love you, my readers, I stuck it out until I had good photos to show you, before I got my grubby mitts all up on in there. So here we go, lets take a look at the pretty!


So the palette is very sleek and thin, made of sturdy cardboard, with magnetic closure. Of course, mad props for the adorable color in combo with KILLER on the packaging… I mean, you have to appreciate that πŸ˜‰ There is literally nothing on the back of the palette, so I did not picture it. overall a good size and thickness, easy to put into luggage and larger handbags.


So to the colors we go! here the palette in full. Look at the glorious-ness of this thing! So many colors! and yet so many workable colors! For me they are really all quite workable, but I can so imagine that some of these colors might inspire a bit of fear in some. There are 3 finished in the palette, those are: Matte, Frost and Glitter…and the pans are huge… that too… but like HUGE… 2.52 grams huge…amazing!

Shades included:

Star Power – matte neon pink
Princess – frosty pale pink
Violence – frost plum
Rich Bitch – metallic glittery gold
Courtney – matte peachy beige
Expensive – glittery teal
Confession – metallic reddish burgundy
Vanity – matte dark brown
China white – matte cream
Black Rainbow – glittery black

I adore this palette! I swear, the pigment! holy hell! But they blend like a dream! I will have to play with them more to see the full scope and give my after re-view. Would you be interested in that? Let me know in the comments! But yeah, back on track! SWATCHES!


Can I just mention that most of these are single passes? can we just stop and die for that for a second?
But as you can see, only the two on the far left are really… BRIGHT…. So this gives a lot of variety for everybody. This is shot with daylight, not flash, so you could see the actual colors. Black rainbow is a rainbow glitter black shade, which, went you pat on the eye shadow, does not drop from your eyes within 3 seconds. So that’s a bonus :). Β  Β Basicly you need to get access to this palette somehow and swatch it… you will see my friend… I promise…

So there you have it! For $45 dollars you get an amazing product with lots of bang for your buck! I cant wait to get this all over my face! <3

Do you like this palette? Would you buy it? Lemme know!


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