First Look – RCMA

Welcome to my makeup artist – gasm! Today we take a look at my new babies, These are the new foundations I bought for my kit and honestly I could not be happier! I got to play with it a bit and do my first face with a client and I can tell you, I am in love!!



RCMA or the Research council of Makeup Artists is a brand founded in 1962 by renowned makeup artist Vincent JR Kehoe. The reason you probably never heard of this brand because it is not really for consumers. No fancy packaging, no glam, no gigantic pr circus. Just great products, that basically sell themselves, through professional makeup artist raving about them and passing on the good word.

RCMA is a completely vegan product, no animals where nor will ever be near this product! yeah mayhaps if one of the lab techs has a cat…at home… that would be the closest.. The product is build up out of oils and pigment, that’s it. This does make it different in application. But dispite the warnings I heard from the overall community, I thankfully had no issues with. It glides on, looks like skin and stays put. I swear, It’s magic…they put magic in those pans….


Oke so what I got, is the two most recommended starter palletes. the VK palletes are smaller palletes that between the #10 and #11 you get a total of 36 different shades, with the posibility of hundreds if you mix and match, with I do and love! Next to that I got the pre-foundation moisture, which is basically a primer specifically made for this foundation, the tinner so you can make the FULL ASS cover foundation into, medium or even bb cream consistency and the NO COLOR power, which was designed by the company to add absolutely no extra color to your base, but set it in place.


I am so seriously impressed by this stuff, I got the name from KJ Bennett, a pro artist that I admire a lot, So when I saw him and other artist I love rave about this I knew I had to try. Got my moment with a friend, and ordered right away! I’ll add the video from Mister Bennett here, so you can see a bit of the application process aswell.

I got these beauties right here in the Netherlands at makeup project Hilversum, I was so impressed, really quick service and no extra costs!

So here my dance moment about my new foundations, did you ever hear of them before? and if no, did I peak your interest?


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