Matchy matchy darlin’

I come to you with a message of liberation!
Because there seems to be this common believe that there are so many rules on what needs to match what, and bla bla bla. Just like that ridiculous rule that you can’t wear dark lips with dark eyes.

So here’s the deal, non of that is actually true, makeup is really not so serious, and well basically your fiddling around with colors on your face. So my suggestion, just because it’s fun, if you have like an hour or so to spare, go sit in front of a mirror and just try things! Get youtube and watch tutorials and try things. You might find out entire new things that look incredible on you without you ever knowing!

As a bright hair person (I had pink hair and blue and red, but also black and I am now white/blond/grey.) The rules changed for me majorly! First off, I was taught that your hair color and the color of the fabrics of your clothes are never the same hue, because the color of your hair is a natural one, so It’s basically a nude. So clothes, makeup, you don’t really have to pay much mind to matching those. Yeah well that ends when your hair get to that hot pink hue… all of a sudden you can actually see it happening, you put on a red shirt and think…GOD NO! or you put on a green eyeshadow and are serving clown realness without even trying. The trick to this, Is simply the mirror. Look at what different colors do together with your hair. Same goes for your makeup, just try and see.

Nothing really has to match, it just needs to not clash.


So here’s a couple of tips to give you a guideline (which you can always break if it suits your mood):

Make your color palette all cool tones (blue, green, purple ext.) or all warm (red, orange, yellow, pink ext.)
That is the safest way to be sure you don’t clash, but if you start testing this out, you will find that a bright red lip looks amazing with an overall cool palette. It’s usually a matter of finding the right hue.

Another good tip is always having one larger item that is a neutral, So a black, a white, a nude or, if you want to believe the fashion people gold and silver and animal print also fall in this category, yet, im not really feeling that. I mean, wearing gold or leopard pants does not really give “peace” to your outfit….

Always check on yourself! This one is really quite important, because what most of us tend to forget, your skin color makes all the difference!  When you have a dress lying on the bed for the next morning and hold a lipstick next to it, It might look amazing! But when you enter your wildcard (your skin) it might stand completely different! Same goes for eyeshadows btw, a color you might have fallen in love with in the store might look like an “acquired taste” on your face!

Mind your hues! Last but not least, there is not one of each color! There are countless of hues in every color in makeup as well as clothing. So just because that tomato red top doesn’t suit you, doesn’t mean that that oxblood tunic won’t look absolutely fierce on you, so your mission, test it out! Go into a store and hold 15 tops in every shade to your face, which is the only way to know for sure. In that same category is yet again, your skin color itself. If you have a pink undertone to your skin, you will look pink as hell is you wear a pink top… so try to adding little pops instead of a large item then.

But end of the day, there are no rules, there are tips and tricks, and your own aesthetic, but there are no rules….really. well may haps your boss has some…. But that’s a different story all together.


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