New Passion

So, I have a new thing, If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen it, and a little here with my first look posts. I have a new passion about product photography. I wanted the best photos for my blog and my feed, so I went out and created!

Now I did cheat a bit, My husband is a hobby photographer, so the essentials where present. I had a DSLR, a set of two flashes with soft box, multiple lenses, so I was kinda set, next to the fact that I had an in house instructor to boot!  I started because I wanted good pics of the products I reviewed on here, but it ended in a love to make pretty and slightly artsy pics of makeup! and I is going quite well if I do say so myself!


This is one of the pictures for the Vice review.

I love looking trough the view finder and find weird angles that work, which means I usually look like a circus performer when shooting. I do have great fun though. If you follow me on Insta Stories I show my setup there, all homie on my kitchen table.


This is something I put together right after the shootings in Orlando.

One of my greatest prides is that even makeup brands I adore, well one, has noticed me and likes my photos! such an honor!!! Sugar Pill cosmetics is my main boo, I love their stuff, I use it in my kit and basically it almost always gets used.

Isn’t that just like AMAZING! *fangirling* If you want to see more of my new passion, go check out my Instagram and keep an eye on the blog, cuz Im not going to stop making pretty shot for here!

Oke, so I have a new passion! What do you think? am I any good?


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