Things you are better off knowing: Lipstick


photo and edit by Josefien Hoekstra

The ever going struggle of wearing bright lipstick. Trying to get it to stay on your lips and off of everything else. So i have made a little list of tips to make you ace that Christmas red lip with flair! Here a quick tip list in Do’s and Don’ts.

Do moisturize and exfoliate before you start doing your makeup, so when it comes time for your lips they are plump and smooth.

Do blot your balm away and apply a light layer of powder or foundation as base, so your lips product has more grip.

Do blot your lipstick with a single layer of tissues, after that you can reapply an extra layer of lipstick to amp the color back up.

Do take a little brush with a bit of concealer to clean up the edges of your lips.

Do take a little brush and a bit of powder and powder all around your lip, it will keep your lipstick from bleeding and feathering.

There are two ways to go about applying pencil, you can fill in the entire lip with pencil, or you can first apply your lipstick and then define the edges with the pencil.

Don’t leave your lip balm on before applying, always blot that of before your start applying, so the products will not melt each other and make an oily mess.

Don’t use a lighter pencil on the edges unless you plan to fully cover and or blend it with you lipstick, as this will give the appearance of smaller lips.

Same goes for darker liner, as this will give you instant chola xD blend for that ombre perfection!

Don’t apply gloss after blotting, because that will erase all your hard work.

Don’t do your clean up in one go, because especially with pinks and reds, you get really nasty smears next to your lips that are harder to remove, if you don’t clean your brush in between strokes.

If you have oily skin don’t use a liquid highlighter on your cupids bow, the oils will all mix and melt you lipstick.

Don’t put on bright lipstick when you know you are going to be eating and or drinking a lot, especially oily stuff, no amount of prep will save you, just stick with balm ok?


I hope you enjoyed this little check list, would you like to see more of these? let me know, which subjects!


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