What’s my makeup routine?

Disclaimer: I rarely wear makeup every day! I wear makeup when I work, and when I feel like it, but oh honey, I could not be bothered to wear makeup when I’m working at home or have to go to the shops. Next to that leaving you skin some room to breathe really does help. Like I said before, I have a pretty difficult skin, that reacts to a lot, so day with just a bit of cream and spf are very common in this house.

Now, as for my routine, I can give you the basics and my go-to I’m being lazy look, before I love changing things up, I love wearing a different color lip or eye each day.

For my base, It depends on the temperature if I use a primer or not, Because the foundation that I am using right now is pretty long wear without the primer as is, So I try using that sparingly.


The two primers, eye and face.

My go to primer is the Smoothing Primer from Makeup Forever and my go-to Foundation is Bourjois Airmat, In the lightest shade for winter and the second shade for summertime.


I apply this primer with my fingers and the foundation with a beautyblender.

Next step is my concealer, I use one from Cartice the liquid camouflage and I love it to death, I don’t have to powder it to make it stick, and it covers really well! I use two colors, the 010 and the 020, one truer to my own color and one lighter one that I use for full glam looks.


This I also blend in with the beautyblender.

I use Urban decay primer potion for my eyes and then… an array of palettes and single eyeshadows get slammed into my face usually, except when I’m really lazy, then I just put on eye liner usually with flick and a lick of mascara and I call it a day, but that does not happen often.


I have a bunch of liners I use and 2 mascaras that I use layered for the effect I like on my lashes.


Other staples that always hit my face, are my blushers and my highlight.
My blushes are both from Catrice and go-to highlighters are from the Balm and Urban Decay.



Mary-lou manizer



And then the search for the lipcolor begins… yet again… a true plethora of colors to choose from and there for lots of variation 😉

So there you have it, my makeup –non- routine…

Do you have a standard routine? Or do you switch it up like I do?
Let me know in the comments!


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